How to Use ChatGPT’s A.I. to Write Screenplays

7 Ways to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to 3x your creative brainstorming.


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

What happens when you ask artificial intelligence to write a movie idea or screenplay outline? In this video, I use Notion and ChatGPT to brainstorm loglines, create characters, and write plot synopses. Here’s a screenwriter’s take on ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence. This video is also a guide for how screenwriters can use A.I. for brainstorming and even beat writer’s block:

Notion AI Assist

Before diving into ChatGPT, I decided to start with a tool I’m much more familiar with: Notion. I use Notion to organize my life, so when Notion announced alpha testing for its artificial intelligence feature, I had to give it a try.

I was able to use Notion to:

  • Help Me Write a Logline
  • Continue Writing a Story
  • Brainstorm Plot Points
  • Outline a Script

Unfortunately, it’s only available on desktop, so I can’t use Notion’s AI Assist to write on my phone. Still, it’s a helpful tool.

Now, onward to the newest AI tend:


I was a bit skeptical about ChatGPT’s abilities, but after testing it, I think I’ll continue to use this tool in the future. You can use it like I did for:

  • Character Creation
  • Movie Ideas/Synopsis
  • Screenplay Outlines

Finally, I decided to take an idea from one AI and feed it to another.

Notion AI + ChatGPT

I call this AI collaborative writing! As you can see in the video, it’s a bit of a process to feed ideas from one articificial intelligence to another, so I may not have them “co-write” in the future. Still, I’m glad I tried using Notion and Chat GPT for my screenwriting, and I hope you do too!

Makes you wonder, though…how will AI affect screenwriters in the future?

Want more ways to beat writer’s block, especially ones that don’t involve bowing to our robot overlords? Grab my free set of worksheets: