How to Submit Your Screenplay to an Agent

How do you find an agent who will accept script submissions?


Photo by Brooks Leibee on Unsplash

You wanna sell a screenplay. Yeah, you and everyone else! If you’ve spent any time on Google, you’ve probably learned that you need an agent to sell your script.

If you don’t have an agent — and don’t know how to get one — you think, how can I get in touch with an agent? Let’s get into it.

How do you submit my script to an agent so they’ll consider trying to sell it on my behalf? This will be a short video because the answer is straightforward: You usually can’t submit a screenplay to an agent. The Hollywood system is designed that way on purpose!

Almost every agency and production company that is actively developing projects will have a “no unsolicited submission policy.” That means if they don’t ask you to send them anything, you can’t send them anything. If you try to, they’ll delete it or shred it as soon as they open it.