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Play your cards right and you won’t have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Writing screenplays is hard enough, but some people agonize before they even start.


They don’t know what to write!

Specifically, they’re not sure if they should write what they’re passionate about or if they should write what is marketable.

Pro tip: You don’t know what’s marketable.

You don’t know…


Visual storytelling is harder than it seems—but it doesn’t have to be!

Everyone always says to “write more visually,” or “show, don’t tell” in your script, but it can feel really difficult—especially if you’re new to writing screenplays.

Let me de-mystify it for you:

In essence,“visual storytelling” means to convey the story beats and information through what can be seen and heard…

Hint: You’re not the director or stunt coordinator.


“Raiders of the Lost Ark” has a lot to teach screenwriters about storytelling — and not always in ways you’d expect.

Doctor Jones has some screenwriting lessons for you today, class! Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark is a classic Spielberg film and is often considered one of the best blockbusters ever made. George Lucas pitched the idea to Steven Spielberg and then developed it with Philip Kaufman…


What’s the most awful film you watched in the weirdest of years?

A little while after this is published, 2020 will finally be over.

That doesn’t mean our problems will go away, but it does mean we have a meaningful bookend to look back on this odd year and reflect on what we learned, accomplished, and watched.


Yeah, watched.

We were…


While app onboarding might feel like an unimportant, one-time process, my comparison of two popular language learning apps proves that the opening screens affect a user’s likelyhood of purchase.


I dig languages. I’m not fluent (yet!) in any besides English, but after learning some Hebrew as a teen and taking Spanish in undergrad, my desire to learn languages intensified. …


Poe was more than the master of the macabre — here’s what all storytellers should learn from his timeless advice.

“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore!’”

Edgar Allan Poe lived nearly a century before the invention of filmmaking. However, his advice on storytelling is timeless. I’ve long been a Poe fan — I even wrote and directed an award-winning adaptation of the last poem he penned before his untimely death.


I help design and make apps for a living. What apps do I love to use, and why?


I’m a UX Strategist who loves doing UX research. Even when research is imperfect (hint: it all is), there are still lessons to be learned.

Unfortunately, this affinity for research and observation means even when I’m relaxing and not working on something strictly related to my day job in the…


Asimov said that the Bible was the most potent force for atheism ever conceived. Why did he say that?


This article is a response to fellow screenwriter (and really cool dude) Joel Eisenberg. With his permission, I’m going to present some of my thoughts as a Gentile follower of Yeshua (Jesus) the Jewish Messiah as it relates to his article titled Was Dr. Asimov Right? …

Carl T. Rogers, MFA | Storylosopher ✍️

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